"Max Belkin is not only an amazing therapist, but also a wonderful human being. Through his compassion and insight, Max provided me with the tools that I needed to win my long battle with a crippling eating disorder.  I will always be grateful to him." Mara, a 26-year-old marketing director 

Max was key to helping me gain perspective during a period in my life when everything seemed to be going wrong.  He was instrumental in helping me rebuild my self-confidence and self-esteem.  Max's friendly, warm demeanor is exactly what I hoped to find in a therapist and made this growth process comfortable and reassuring.  I would certainly recommend Max, as I have, to friends and family as a conscientious, valuable and trusted advisor.” David, a 42 year-old software developer.

"Max helped guide me to a path of staying connected to and articulating my own needs.  He introduced positive ways to impact my personal relationships and career and made them less overwhelming.  Above all, his sensitive and sincere encouragement to know my self-worth was invaluable.  I truly appreciated Max's combination of professionalism and generosity of spirit."  Elise, a 37 year-old graphic designer.

Max was able to help me get to the bottom of the real problems that I had to address. He helped me understand that the real solution does not come from trying to change someone else but from changing myself. To my astonishment, he remembered details of our past discussions and important facts sometimes better than I did, helping me to focus on my real problems, re-think and re-evaluate my options and conclusions. His dedication and seriousness did not prevent him from creating a friendly atmosphere during each individual session – largely helped by his personal tact. Robert, a 57 year-old college professor.

“My wife and I were experiencing stresses in our relationship due to a number of issues. Max helped us reorganize our priorities and focus on us more.  He gave us some exercises that helped us work together instead of apart.  Thanks!"  George, a 38 year-old medical doctor. 

"Max's empathy, his nonjudmental interest in the other person makes  him a unique and excellent therapist. I always felt loved and cared for by him, although it was never verbalized. He is able to partially identify with other people without merging or losing himself." Rondo, a 49 year-old insurance salesman.

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